Ultimate Crane Monitoring Wherever You Are



As the most extensive OEM-produced crane asset management system available today, CraneSTAR leads a new era of data management and planning for crane owners around the world.

CraneSTAR gives you up-to-date crane fleet information, no matter where you or your cranes are located. You can monitor locations and working conditions; plan maintenance and lifting schedules; and maximize your company’s efficiency, productivity and profitability.



Rugged Construction

CraneSTAR is designed for the tough applications your cranes see on a daily basis. All hardware is weatherproof and meets or exceeds industry environmental standards as well as SAE J1455 specifications for mechanical, electrical and environmental design and use. With its IP67 sealed, compact aluminum enclosure, the hardware is built to withstand harsh environments.


Built-in Diagnostic Tools

CraneSTAR allows for efficient troubleshooting with six onboard LEDs. A complete user guide is also available to help maintain and troubleshoot all components.


Advanced Communications Technology

By using the latest processor and communications technology on the market today, CraneSTAR can function nearly anywhere on the globe. CraneSTAR features a 32-bit processor, GPS, quad-band GSM, and satellite channels. These features provide the best possible options for GSM connectivity around the world.


Easy Data Retrieval and Customization

The easy-to-use CraneSTAR Express web site allows you to view your crane data from any PC or web-enabled device with an Internet connection. Users can view and automatically schedule the delivery of customized reports so they can analyze data quickly and identify trends in the equipment. This secure web site provides users a login name, password and the ability to control who can access information.

Mapping and Geo-Fence

The mapping and geo-fence functions allow users to know where the assets are at all times. Custom setup tools and location tracking provide users the opportunity to monitor the fleet on a local, regional, national or global level. Users can also define a jobsite boundary or fence an entire state or country.


Data Monitoring

CraneSTAR reduces costs and improves profitability by helping users monitor critical data, recognize trends and make more efficient decisions. Users can monitor engine use, location changes, daily productivity, critical systems and more. Users can also monitor equipment for routine service and keep equipment running longer by utilizing automated custom maintenance alerts based on the machine's service meter.


Cellular Communication

CraneSTAR uses cellular data transmission to relay the location of your crane anywhere in the world. Once your crane moves outside the job space parameters, you will be alerted via the geo-fence alert. Your crane will also send a signal if the engine is started after relocation, to show that the crane is ready for work. Knowing where every piece of your equipment is at all times not only helps you keep track of your fleet, it eliminates worry over security concerns.


Machine data anywhere, anytime.

CraneSTAR puts your crane data right at your fingertips, wherever you are. Using a world-wide cellular data transmission network, you can monitor where your cranes are working, their fuel status, their working status, their load capacity and more. With CraneSTAR, you can effectively manage your fleet and easily track equipment activity. It provides actual operating data that can be used to increase productivity and profitability so you can feel confident about your business.

*Subject to local cellular coverage availability



CraneSTAR is one of the many support tools Kirby-Smith provides crane owners. Learn more about Manitowoc Crane Care, Crane Rapid Response and other services we provide.