Smart Construction Office

Connect every job site to management in real-time

This is a project scheduling and management solution to help manage business operations.  It helps with project communication, detecting risks and minimizing things that can cause your work to go off schedule.  



Features and Benefits

Forecast Your Future: Shape your project with reliable forecasts which are updated with the projects progress

Gain Valuable Insights: Look at labor, equipment and material costs to see the budget vs actuals at ease

Know Your Next Solution: Prevent delays and obstructions by identifying solutions to help troubleshoot them.

The Perfect Partnership: See how Smart Construction Field works together with Smart Construction Office to provide a near real time metric of reporting/tracking for a better and easier construction project management.





We are here to assist you with any training and support you might need for projects. Whether it’s operator training to get the most out of your intelligent machines, or supporting you on your digital transformation, we care about your success. Our Smart Construction specialist are on the phone, online or at your job site to make sure you get the most out of your investments.



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