Better Control and Usage Of Your Cranes Is In Reach

Manitowoc’s Crane Control System (CCS) is a standardized operating platform integrated across a diverse range of equipment from Manitowoc Cranes.

CCS offers a user-friendly interface, two full graphic displays, and jog dial. Parts commonality across the product lines enhance operator familiarization and serviceability. Operators no longer need to stretch for controls to complete operations because everything is in reach. Fleet owners with multiple Manitowoc Cranes will find moving operators from one machine to another is a seamless process.





  • Same control system components used on all CCS cranes (improves field service and training)
  • User interface designed to give a similar operating experience on all CCS cranes
  • Utilizes standard ISO symbols that are recognized globally


Operator comfort

  • Armrests that include joysticks and jog dial can be rotated up with push-button control and moved forward or backward with the seat
  • Controls and jog dial are easily accessible from seat (eliminates unconformable reaching)
  • Fully adjustable seat (allows for a custom fit)
  • Displays are tiltable with an anti-reflective coating (reduces glare and aligns with operator preferences)
  • RT: Single or dual-axis joystick controls are available based on user preference


Startup and setup

  • Intuitive setup wizard makes startup quick and easy
  • Fast startup time (approximately 5 seconds)
  • Outrigger functions controlled from the operating display with jog dial
  • Graphical Working Range Limiter (WRL) comes standard with CCS
  • Boom configurator mode allows for easy set-up and optimal configuration selection on both RT and GMK TWIN-LOCK™ boom models


Informative interface

  • Visually organized and consolidated screen (all crane functions, gauges and alerts are located in one place)
  • High resolution, full graphical display with USB interface
  • Hour count by function (allows better scheduling of routine maintenance)
  • Four digit error codes allows for accurate and fast troubleshooting



  • User may customize units of measure (metric/imperial)
  • Joystick sensitivity may be tuned and scaled (swing, telescope, boom lift, main hoist, auxiliary hoist) to increase control precision


Rated Capacity Limiter (RCL) display

  • Setup screen includes setup wizard, direct rigging code entry and active hoist setup
  • Shows position of the boom (angle, length, tip height and radius) and slew angle
  • Displays load, capacity, and percentage of capacity
  • Displays the percentage outriggers are extended (Outrigger Monitoring System)


Operating display

  • Provides all user interface required to operate and drive the crane
  • Displays indicators, levels, warnings and faults codes for both the engine and crane
  • Able to set joystick curves with customizable joystick responses
  • Outrigger function control with jog dial input


Manitowoc’s CCS provides electronic display of boom angle, boom length, load radius, boom tip height, maximum permissible load, actual load, and warning of impending two-block condition. The work area definition system allows the operator to pre-select and define safe working areas. If the crane approaches the pre-set limits, audio-visual warnings aid the operator in avoiding jobsite obstructions.

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