Smart Construction 3D Machine Guidance

Update Your Fleet With 3D Advantages

Use Smart Construction 3D Machine Guidance with legacy machines to have an optimized operation.  This will give operators and managers in the office the ability to use 3D design & topography data for better accuracy and controlling load volumes.



Features and Benefits

Affordable Technology Upgrade: Bring technology to your operations using compact & modular kits which can be locally installed and will fit most Komatsu excavator models.

Fast Results: Using bring-your-own devices configuration, easy-to-use 3D guidance features & payload monitoring help get fast production improvements.

3D Guidance: Use GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) to determine where a machine is on the site and the target grade.

Progess Tracking: Follow the machine production from the office with Smart Construction Applications.  Use this data to help in reports and planning.

Address Labor Shortages: Fewer people need to be working on the ground or trenches when you have the technology to collect and deliver information to the operator.


Drive Improved Material Accuracy: Help operators with high-precision position data to allow the material to be placed effectively & quickly which will prevent from having to rework the material.

Payload Monitoring: Monitor the loading weights with a payload meter to stop from overloading trucks which can help prevent equipment damage or other risks.

Fix Technology Gaps: Regardless of your machines, new or used, this will give access to 3D design and payload data.

Expand the Possibilities: Use the different Smart Construction solutions to help with a better performance.  They can help with off-site data management, real-time troublshooting and much more.





We are here to assist you with any training and support you might need for projects. Whether it’s operator training to get the most out of your intelligent machines, or supporting you on your digital transformation, we care about your success. Our Smart Construction specialist are on the phone, online or at your job site to make sure you get the most out of your investments.



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