Komatsu Genuine Parts

Komatsu Genuine Parts are made to match the original equipment specifications quality and performance for new Tier 4 Final Machines.  Through wear and tear parts on the machine will need to be replaced and using Komatsu Genuine Parts will allow for better costs and a longer life.

Consumables – Maintenance

Lubricants & Coolants

Lubricants are made with high requirements.  It’s made with premium base stocks and unique additives.  This allows a top-quality performance in your machines and they can be used in non-Komatsu equipment.  Here are the difference lubricants.





  • Engine
    • The Komatsu E015W40-LA Diesel Engine Oil is made for temperatures and loads in off-road equipment.  It’s a semi-synthetic diesel engine oil that can enhance protection by extending oil and equipment life by running in like-new conditions which includes preventing deposits from forming.
      • Properties
        • Maintain original horsepower and fuel efficiency ratings
        • Quickly sheds air bubbles which allows it to operate on extreme grades where air can be drawn into the oil pump suction line and compromise engine health and performance
        • Protect even hottest components like turbocharger bearings, piston rings, top lands and more
        • Made to maintain viscosity throughout oil drain interval
        • Highly resistant to heat, wear and soot
        • Maximizes engine performance
  • Hydraulic
    • Effective for highly pressurized hydraulic components on construction equipment and it maximizes performance of hydraulic instrument.
      • Komatsu H046-HM: this has anti-wear, rust & oxidation inhibitors.  It also will keep it safe from corrosion and wear with moisture.
      • Komatsu H056-HE: this is for high performance pumps w/anti-wear additives.
      • Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil 46: this is for waterway jobs and other applications and still maintains its high specifications for Komatsu.
  • Drivetrain
    • Highly resistant to heat and wear which helps maximize component life.  Used in Komatsu equipment transmissions, drive trains, swing machinery & hydraulic systems.
      • Automatic Transmission Fluid: lubricating oil made to keep wear down and improve component life.
      • Hydraulic Transmission Fluid: this has anti-wear, rust and oxidation inhibitors.  It will also keep it safe from corrosion and wear with moisture.





  • Gear and Axle
    • Axle Oil AXO80: This generates powerful frictions achieving high braking force.  It’s used for off-road applications, agricultural tractors and ancillary equipment.
    • Gear Lubricants: it helps protect hypoid & other gear types from scuffing and wear w/extreme pressure properties.  Available in 80W-90 & 85W-140.  It has a longer fluid life with high temperature stability.
      • Recommended for:
        • All Komatsu equipment applications w/gear lubricant
        • Manual transmissions
        • Differential
        • Final Drives
        • Truck Rear Axles
        • Passage car rear axles/Agricultural, truck, industrial and construction equipment transmission w/GL-5 type lubricants permitted
  • Grease
    • Komatsu Hyper Grease G2-TE: helps in on and off highway environments.  Exposure only helps it grow in tack and adhesion so there’s no concern for it softening or washing out.  With high temperature environments, it increases between metal surfaces. 


Coolants are important as it will help your engine and radiator so it’s important to pick the right one to help stop corrosion, cavitation and other problems.

  • Komatsu Super Coolant: It’s good to use for heavy-duty construction & mining machinery.  This does not cause any harm to any parts in the engine.  There is also the advantage of not needing a corrosion resistor which will help in savings.



Batteries & Electrical Parts

Batteries are made for durability and power and the electrical parts are made to be the most reliable.

  • Batteries
    • Made with genuine calcium lead alloy which allows for longer waterless operation and longer battery life.
    • Resists damages from vibration w/anchor-locked elements w/full-frame grids and tight-packed commercial plates.
    • Premium “deep pocket” envelope separators protect the plates on all four sides to dramatically reduce shorting and extend service life.
    • Special computer-aided design and manufacturing means more durability and reliability for heavy-duty equipment.
    • Engineered for:
      • Durability
        • “Tough polypropylene ribbed cases which resist breakage and extend service life.  Many are also available with handles and special terminals for safe handling and easy installation.  Cycle service designs have high density oxide and fiberglass wrapped envelope separators to extend battery life under demanding cycling conditions.  Forged terminal bushings resist leakage, black posts and corrosion.”
      • Top Performance
        • “Heavy-duty straight-through-partition connectors reduce resistance for higher cranking amperage.  Full-framed plates and heavy-duty internal connections direct more power to the terminals, for highest cranking power, extending service life.  More than 300 control checks ensure high quality.”
  • Other Electrical Parts
    • Wire cables, battery relays, fuses, lamps, sensors, monitor panels, starting switches, etc. are made w/specifications.







Dust, particles and such can get in and wear out components causing wear debris to circulate in the system.  Filters are designed for highly efficient contaminant removal and long life to maintain optimum performance of the machine.  It’s also better to get high filtering capabilities as they will stop better than the low ones.

  • Komatsu Air Filters: this is important to have high performance and engine reliability.
  • Komatsu Fuel Filters: These are measured in microns and the filter must be controlled to prevent the water and dust from getting in
    • Pre-Fuel Filter: this has a 10-micron rating and a water separator.
    • Main Fuel Filter: 2-micron rating (which you need for Tier III & Tier IV).  This extends the performance as it has a high capacity and efficiency.
  • Komatsu Engine Oil Filters: Dirt and water can cause irregular wear of components.  These filters are used to remove the dirt and water which will help in performance and engine life.
  • Air Conditioner Filters: These allow the cabins to be free of dust and particles.
  • Komatsu Hybrid and Synthetic Filters: Used in torque converter, transmission, steering & hydraulic systems.  They remove small particles that comes from wear in the components and lining.  If you have the wrong filter that can cause more damage as it could collapse and spread it through the system.  They can handle temperature and pressure. 
    • Hybrid: 75% paper & 25% micro fiber
    • Synthetic, ECO White: 100% micro fiber:  Lasts 4 times longer then conventional filters and twice as long as hybrid filters.  They can be retrofitted to older Excavator and Wheel Loader models





Undercarriage Parts


Komatsu Undercarriage parts have the durability to meet the demanding conditions of construction, aggregate/quarry operations and other industries.  Unique features provide you with important cost savings to your machine operations. Depending on the application, you can choose from a wide range of product series to cover the needs of your heavy equipment.

Excavator Undercarriage Parts

Excavator Undercarriage Features Options
Track Link Assemblies Grease Sealed Track, General Construction, Skidding Link Assembly
Track Shoes Triple Grouser, Double/Single Grouser, Heavy Duty, Roadliner/City
Track & Carrier Rollers Standard/Single Flange, Cold Weather Spec
Track Hardware  


Dozer Undercarriage Features

Dozer Undercarriage Features Options
Track Link Assemblies SALT (Sealed and Lubricated Track), PLUS (Parallel Link Undercarriage System), Abrasive Resistant Track Link, General Construction, Heavy Duty, Dual Bushing
Track Shoes Single Grouser, Double/Triple Grouser, Heavy Duty, Swamp
Track & Carrier Rollers Standard, PLUS, Cold Weather Spec
Track Hardware  


Undercarriage Tools

Using an Ultrasonic Measuring Tool allows you to properly measure worn part dimensions, and then collect and store that data which can be imported into the Undercarriage Management System (UMS) to calculate and assess wear.

Need to have an undercarriage measured? Contact your local Kirby-Smith branch to set up an appointment for a Product Support Rep to conduct an on-site inspection! 


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