KOMTRAX – Remote Monitoring System


Knowledge is power. It's the power of having critical information at your fingertips, 24 hours a day, to help you make better daily and long-term strategic decisions. That's one reason Komatsu designed KOMTRAX: to provide you with answers to critical questions about your machines -- what they're doing, when they did it, where they're located, how they can be used more efficiently, and when they need to be serviced.

With KOMTRAX, owners, managers and operators can monitor machines on the Web; anywhere, anytime. The result is the power to make fact-based decisions having a direct effect on your bottom line through increases in efficiency and productivity, while lowering owning and operating costs.


KOMTRAX allows you to locate equipment on large jobsites or around your territory, monitor machine movement, determine which operators are more efficient in which situations, track fuel consumption, identify operator use and habits, and chart daily hours of operation. With operational reports you can see how many hours your machine spent in various modes of operation such as digging, traveling, hydraulic relief, power mode, economy mode, lifting mode, and more.

Kirby-Smith Machinery has more GPS tracking systems on construction equipment than all combined equipment manufacturing in their territory, demonstrating the commitment to maximizing ROI of the equipment they sell and service.



KOMTRAX Plus from Komatsu is an advanced remote monitoring system for mining equipment. KOMTRAX Plus has the unique ability to retain a history of normal system operating parameters. Because every machine establishes its own norms, deviations from these norms can alert you to the need to be proactive thus avoiding expensive down time and after failure repairs. Another KOMTRAX Plus feature is Pay Load Meter (PLM). PLM is standard on mining and quarry sized haul trucks. PLM provides carry weight, haul cycles and haul cycle details. PLM data is designed to help increase production.

KOMTRAX Plus and PLM's comprehensive data sets are all designed to help you prolong machine life, improve efficiencies, and increase production.


Why KOMTRAX Plus?                   

KOMTRAX Plus is a management system for large machinery. The health and operating status of machines can be monitored from remote locations via satellite communication. No Matter How Remote, KOMTRAX Plus Will Report Data! This helps to prevent machine trouble and improve the efficiency of machine management operations.

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