Komatsu Parts & Service Finance Program

Valid dates: 1/1/2022 - 6/30/2022

Parts and service financing available through Komatsu Financial*

Repairs or service work performed by a Komatsu authorized distributor technician using Komatsu-sourced parts on any Komatsu machine currently financing with Komatsu Financial
April 1, 2021- June 30, 2022

Work orders dated 4/1/2022 or after.

Under $100,000 Up to 12 months 0.00% Credit Review
$100,001-$300,000 Up to 12 months 0.99% Yes
Up to $300,000 Up to 24 months 1.99% Yes
Longer term and/or over $300,000 Call for custom quote Yes
With prior credit approval of Komatsu Financial, transactions may include up to four (4) skips per 12-month period.
Subject to credit review. Terms and conditions apply. Offer expires 6/30/22

1.49% for 48 months financing through Komatsu Financial*

Valid dates: 4/16/2022 - 7/15/2022

1.49% for 48 months financing through Komatsu Financial*

Buy now and take advantage of the great rates available through Komatsu Financial when you add a new Komatsu machine to your fleet.

0.49% for 36 months
1.49% for 48 months
2.99% for 60 months
Contact Kirby-Smith Machinery for details.

* Terms and conditions apply. Based on credit review. Offer ends July 15, 2022. Contact your local Kirby-Smith Machinery for more information.
Eligible Models:
0.49% for 36 Mos; 1.49% for 48 mos. D31/D37/D39/D51/D61/D65/D85 – EXi & PXi models as well D71EX-24, D71Ei-24, D71PX-24, D71PXi-24 WA150/WA200/WA250/WA270/WA320/WA380/WA430/WA450/
WA470/WA475/WA480 PC130/PC138/PC160/PC170/PC200/PC210/PC220/PC228/PC238/PC240/PC270/PC290 PC308/PC350/PC360/PC390/PC450/PC490- LC, LCi, HD AND USLC VERSIONS ONLY.
GD655 HB215LC-1/HB365LC-3 HM300/HM400/WA500/WA600 PC30MR-5, PC35MR-5, PC45MR-5, PC55MR-5, PC78US-10, PC88MR-10, PC78US-11, PC88MR-11
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