Komatsu Smart Construction Remote 


Work shouldn’t stop just because you’re not on-site. Remotely send files from your office to target machines, easily search all connected assets or login to a machine and see what your operator is seeing with Komatsu Smart Construction Remote.



Designed for your job site
Software is compatible with Komatsu intelligent Machine Control models and with select Topcon or Trimble aftermarket grade control systems.

Operator support
Assist your operators remotely by viewing what they see in real time.

Multiple machine transfer
Transfer design files to multiple machines on site with one click.

Quickly and easily send or download design files to the job site from anywhere
Are you still driving to the job site for file transfer to your machine? Smart Construction Remote is here to help you save time. Log in to Remote to locate machines by job site and upload or download design files at anytime from anywhere.

Support your job site and your operators remotely
Gain greater control through remote access to operator’s monitors and activities. View the machine monitor to troubleshoot or add new files in the machine without the time requirements of traditional methods. Remotely send files from the office to the target machines or log in to a machine and see exactly what the operator is seeing.


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