Smart Construction Remote

Support your job site and operators remotely

Use Smart Construction Remote to upload or download design files, look at the monitors and activities on any machine. You can also troubleshoot any problems without needing to be on the worksite.  This will save time and prevent your job site from having to close down.



Features and Benefits

File Transfer: Download data from the machine to your computer and from your computer to the machine.  This can be down with single or multiple machines.

Remote Support: Help your operators by seeing what they see in order to help with problems they may have.

Locate Machine in Map to Send Data:  Find your machines through an online map with location and tags.  This allows you to quickly send data to the machines in the field.




We are here to assist you with any training and support you might need for projects. Whether it’s operator training to get the most out of your intelligent machines, or supporting you on your digital transformation, we care about your success. Our Smart Construction specialist are on the phone, online or at your job site to make sure you get the most out of your investments.



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