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0-175 hp by Komatsu
Model Short Description
 Komatsu WA270-7 WA270-7 HP-149; Bucket Capacity-2.5–3.5 yd³; Breakout Force-25,067-32,992 lbs.
 Komatsu WA320-8 WA320-8 HP-165@2100 rpm; Bucket Capacity-3.0-4.2 yd³
 Komatsu WA270-8 WA270-8 HP-149 HP; Bucket Capacity-2.5-3.5 yd³; Breakout Force-29,487 lb-34,621 lb
 Komatsu WA200-8 WA200-8 HP-126; Bucket Capacity-2.6-3.1 yd3; Breakout Force-21,506-27,999 lbs.

176-600 hp by Komatsu
Model Short Description
 Komatsu WA380-8 WA380-8 HP-191; Bucket Capacity 3.5-4.3 yd³; Breakout Force-35,494-40,929 lbs.
 Komatsu WA470-8 WA470-8 HP-272; Bucket Capacity-5-5.75 yd³; Breakout Force-37,768-45,636 lbs.
 Komatsu WA600-8 WA600-8 HP-529; Bucket Capacity-8.4-9.2 yd³
 Komatsu WA500-8 WA500-8 HP-357; Bucket Capacity-6.8–8.2 yd³; Breakout Force-51,150-64,245 lbs
 Komatsu WA480-8 WA480-8 HP-299 HP; Bucket Capacity-6-6.5 yd³; Breakout Force-46,297-43,431
 Komatsu WA475-10 WA475-10 HP-290 HP; Bucket Capacity-5.5-5.8 yd³; Breakout Force-42,713-44,332 lbs.
 Komatsu WA500-8 YL WA500-8 YL HP-353 HP; Bucket Capacity-8.2-9.8 yd³; Breakout Force-55,977 lbs.-59,799 lbs.

600+ hp by Komatsu
Model Short Description
 Komatsu WA800-8 WA800-8 HP-854 HP; Bucket Capacity-14.4-16 yd³; Breakout Force-139,817-157,631 lbs.
 Komatsu WA900-8 WA900-8 HP-899; Bucket Capacity-15-19 yd³; Breakout Force-158,511-169,754 lbs.
 Komatsu WA1200-6 WA1200-6 HP-1,765; Bucket Capacity-23.5-45.8 yd³; Breakout Force-224,800-286,600 lbs

0-175 hp by Hitachi
Model Short Description
 Hitachi ZW30 ZW30 HP-25 HP; Bucket Capacity-0.5 yd³