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Lattice-Boom Crawler Cranes by Manitowoc
Model Short Description
 Manitowoc MLC300 MLC300 Max Capacity-330 USt; Max Boom Length-315 ft
 Manitowoc MLC650 * with optional VPC-MAX™ MLC650 * with optional VPC-MAX™ Max Capacity-772 USt; Max Boom Length-341 ft
 Manitowoc 11000-1 11000-1 Max Capacity-110 USt; Max Boom Length-200 ft
 Manitowoc 12000-1 12000-1 Max Capacity-120 USt; Max Boom Length-230 ft
 Manitowoc 999 999 Max Capacity-275 USt; Max Boom Length-290 ft
 Manitowoc 14000 14000 Max Capacity-220 USt; Max Boom Length-292 ft
 Manitowoc 2250 2250 Max Capacity-300 USt; Max Boom Length-300 ft
 Manitowoc 16000 16000 Max Capacity-440 USt; Max Boom Length-315 ft
 Manitowoc 18000 18000 Max Capacity-660 USt; Max Boom Length-320 ft
 Manitowoc 31000 31000 Max Capacity-2535 USt; Max Boom Length-344 ft
 Manitowoc MLC165-1 MLC165-1 Max Capacity-182 USt; Max Boom Length-275 ft
 Manitowoc MLC100-1 MLC100-1 Max Capacity-110 USt; Max Boom Length-200 ft.
 Manitowoc MLC150-1 MLC150-1 Max Capacity-165 USt; Max Boom Length-256 ft

All Terrain by Grove
Model Short Description
 Grove GMK5250L-1 GMK5250L-1 Capacity-300 US tons; Max Tip Height-360.9’; Max Boom Length-230’
 Grove GMK3060L GMK3060L Capacity-65 USt; Max Tip Height-213’; Max Boom Length-157’