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Komatsu intelligent Machine Control technology combined with SMARTCONSTRUCTION solutions is making our customers more productive today and in the future.

Adding Komatsu intelligent Machine Control system is a formula for unmatched productivity improvement. Intelligent Machine Control makes every pass count so you can significantly increase your productivity at each stage of earthmoving operations.

SMARTCONSTRUCTION from Komatsu provides customers with equipment and services designed to increase production and accuracy. Together with your intelligent Machine Control equipment, SMARTCONSTRUCTION technology connects all jobsite information involved in every phase of construction, from pre-construction to completion.

Kirby-Smith is your source for Komatsu intelligent Machine Control equipment and your trusted partner in SMARTCONSTRUCTION. We will help you find the right equipment and the right approach to each job to maximize productivity and accuracy. Training and consultation are included with Smart Construction - both to get you started and to provide ongoing support as needed.  


SMARTCONSTRUCTION - Connectivity at Your Fingertips 

SMARTCONSTRUCTION provides you with unmatched connectivity to your jobsite from anywhere. Real-time job site updates are available along with convenient remote access and support. Now you can receive product support remotely, reducing service calls and maximizing machine uptime. Training for your operators is also available from any Internet connected device. 

With SMARTCONSTRUCTION you can monitor equipment, track production with up-to-date job site productivity reports, and send and receive files to any and every machine, even when machines are offline. 

The job site of the future relies on communication and connectivity and with Komatsu SMARTCONSTRUCTION, you have the keys to both. 




Benefits of intelligent Machine Control:

  • Complete grading operations faster
  • Fewer passes to finish grade
  • More efficient machine use…less rework, grade it once and move on
  • Greatly decrease the amount and waiting for grade stakes
  • Lower machine operating costs
  • Better material yields
  • Improve fuel efficiency
  • Improve operator performance

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