Construction Mapping Services


Mapping the jobsite allows for better estimates and allows time to be used more efficiently.  When you have better resolution it gives better planning.


Survey Smarter

Drone and Traditional Survey Services

Smart Construction can make your jobsites more efficient from start to finish.

Our Traditional Surveying Service lets you hit the ground running with fast, accurate, and competitively priced surveys for projects of any size and scope.

Our Drone Survey Service digitally maps your site with high resolution Photogrammetry in a fraction of the time required for traditional survey methods. It’s scalable for jobsites of all sizes and scope, and competitively priced from a name you’ve come to trust.

Latest Advances in Survey Technology:

  • High Resolution Photogrammetry
  • Precise Data for Site Modeling
  • Volume Calculations
  • Pre-Construction Services
  • General Construction Staking



Topographic Data

There are two types of Topographic Data that can be used, aerial and ground.

  • Aerial Topo
    • UAS (drone) collects the data throughout the process from pre-bid to construction to as-built phases from the air
    • The data uses the high resolution imagery for volume calculations and stockpile quantities
  • Ground Topo
    • If UAS (drone) is not available or useable traditional ground is used



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