Shop Service Performed by Factory Trained Technicians

Kirby-Smith Machinery solves your equipment maintenance and repair problems with our quick and responsive service. We support your equipment with services that include preventive maintenance, oil sampling, vehicle monitoring, undercarriage maintenance, ground engagement tools, filters, hoses, and remanufactured engines, transmissions, hydraulic systems and more.
We work closely with the manufacturers we represent to develop programs that use the latest technology to monitor your equipment’s condition and performance to support fundamental equipment goals – optimize production, minimize total expense, and maximize resale value.

Kirby-Smith Machinery has 12 shop locations servicing Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, southern Illinois and north and west Texas. Our skilled factory-trained and certified technicians have state of the art tooling, facilities, and technology to ensure the quality of our work. Every technician is required to annually participate and be certified in a rigorous service training program. Kirby-Smith Machinery has consistently been ranked in the top 5% in Komatsu’s service ranking in North America and is certified as an “Elite” Manitowoc servicing crane dealer.

  • Complete undercarriage repair available
  • Repair or installation of remanufactured engines and transmissions
  • Hydraulic repairs or installation of remanufactured pumps, motors and drive units



Undercarriage Repair 

Kirby-Smith can service any undercarriage brand. Our custom track services range from complete undercarriage replacement to link replacements, component removal and installations, track adjuster rebuild and replacement, and roller frame repairs and alignment.


Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools for total machine evaluations, including engines, drive trains, and hydraulic systems. Kirby-Smith’s shop staff is factory trained and able to pinpoint and correct problems quickly and cost effectively, to minimize your downtime.

Repair or Remanufacture

Kirby-Smith offers repairs or remanufactured components, including engines, transmissions, torque converters, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders, and drive motors. All remanufactured components meet OEM standards and carry a warranty that leads the industry.

Track Press Services

Heavy construction equipment is ruggedly made to withstand the demands of the job, but we know that there are wear items that are designed to be replaced to maintain the longevity of the machine as a whole.  Kirby-Smith Machinery can assist you in the tough job of replacing those worn track pads and shoes, as well as performing pin and bushing turns. We take pride in the durability and longevity of our track repair machines and our machines are engineered to perform and built to last.