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Model Short Description
 Takeuchi TB210R TB210R HP-11.7 hp; Operating Weight-2,535 lbs.
 Takeuchi TB2150R TB2150R Horsepower-11.7 HP; Operating Weight-2,535 lbs.
 Takeuchi TB216 TB216 HP-15.0; Operating Weight-3,900 lbs
 Takeuchi TB216H TB216H HP-14.9 hp; Operating Weight-4,277 lbs.
 Takeuchi TB225 TB225 Takeuchi TB225
 Takeuchi TB230 TB230 HP-24.4; Operating Weight-6,360 lbs
 Takeuchi TB235-2 TB235-2 HP-24.4 HP; Operating Weight-7,418 lbs.-7,639 lbs.
 Takeuchi TB335R TB335R Horsepower-24.4 HP; Operating Weight-7,970 lbs. (canopy)/8,310 lbs. (cab)
 Takeuchi TB240 TB240 HP-35.8; Operating Weight-8,990 lbs
 Takeuchi TB250-2 TB250-2 HP-39 HP; Operating Weight-10,957 lbs. (canopy), 11,288 lbs. (cab)
 Takeuchi TB260 TB260 HP-47.6; Operating Weight-12,125-12,645 lbs.
 Takeuchi TB257FR TB257FR HP- 52.3 hp; Operating Weight- 12,675 -12,930 lbs.
 Takeuchi TB370 TB370 HP- 56.9 hp; Operating Weight- 14,850 lbs.
 Takeuchi TB290 TB290 HP-69.2; Operating Weight-18,630-19,145 lbs.
 Takeuchi TB280FR TB280FR HP-69.2; Operating Weight-18,810-19,240 lbs.