Salary & Benefits Packages at Kirby-Smith Machinery

Oklahoma City , Tulsa, Amarillo, Lubbock, Abilene, Odessa, Ft. Worth, Dallas, Kansas City and St. Louis.

In our efforts to recruit top candidates for employment, Kirby-Smith Machinery, Inc. is proud to provide the following in the form of employee compensation & benefits:

  • Extremely competitive compensation. We pay top wages for top skills and have some of the highest incomes in the industry
  • An extensive paid time-off plan that includes all major holidays, and a generous vacation package
  • Comprehensive training programs including a Paid Technical Service Internship Program 
  • A full benefits package, including health, dental, and vision, for both the employee and the employee's family
  • A matching 401K plan.
  • Short Term and Long Term Disability Insurance Available