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Kirby-Smith Machinery Pipeline Services is a full-service solution for pipeline contractors operating in the mainline, regional, or local pipeline construction industry. The division operates independently from our traditional territory regulations, so we can supply heavy equipment – anywhere you need machinery for your pipeline operations - with new, used, and rental options available. Pipeline Services is proud to serve pipeline contractors across the entire US with their heavy equipment needs.



Heavy Equipment for the Pipeline Industry

Whether you need excavators, dozers, loaders, cranes - or specialty equipment such as pipelayers, hammers, and material handling / lifting systems for pipe, we can help you find the best equipment solutions to maximize job-site productivity.

Pipeline contractors face intense challenges unique to their own industry, including:

  • Constantly changing site conditions - located in isolated environments and subject to factors such as weather
  • Stringent environmental and safety regulations
  • Production requirements
  • Pressure from demanding time and budget constraints

Through industry leading equipment support programs such as KOMTRAX and Komatsu Care, as well as our own dedicated team of parts & service professionals, Kirby-Smith provides a level of customer care that is second to none in the industry. With Pipeline Services, you can rest assured that production is at a maximum and equipment downtime at a minimum.

With so many obstacles, pipeline contractors need to be able to rely on their machinery to be both productive and dependable to get the job done. The benefit of having a partner who understands these complex issues, and is able to provide the best equipment solutions available is invaluable. 







Joe Trapani

Vice President & General Manager – Pipeline Services


Phone: (713) 898-1901

Jason Rogers

Service Manager – Pipeline Services


Phone: (918) 289-1564


Derek Birdwell

Pipeline Services Account Manager


Phone: (903) 721-2060


Scotty Cameron

Pipeline Services Account Manager


Phone: (713) 828-8733



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