No Payments until July 2021 followed by interest-only payments through September 2021!

Valid Dates: 4/1/2021 — 4/30/2021

Product Group: Sales Specials | Finance

Rates as low as .99%

24 months 0.99%
36 months 1.59%
48 months 2.15%
60 months 2.59%
72 months 2.95%
84 months 3.25%

(U.S. Only, rates are valid through 4/30/21, payments calculated in arrears)

Transactions booked in April h ave no payments until July 2021.   
Beginning in July 2021, payments are interest-only


•    U.S. Only. Rates are valid through 4/30/21. Payments calculated in arrears.  Transactions funding after March
require new quotation by your Manitowoc Finance representative.
•    Eligible Equipment: TMS9000-2
•    Cranes less than eighteen (18) months old based on original factory invoice date to dealer, less than 1,800 hours,
and never previously retailed are eligible.
•    Available only through Manitowoc Finance
•    Cannot be combined with any other rate promotions.
•    Program and Rates subject to change without notice
•    Rates valid in the United States only.  Rates shown are good only for transactions funded in domestic currency;
non-domestic currency transactions can be considered but at higher rates.
•    Customized special structuring available
•    Subject to credit approval and proper executed documentation
•    Transactions over $250,000 require 3 years financial statements and most recent interim statements.
•    Interest will accrue at the contract rate during the deferral period and will be collected with the first payment(s)
due.  Depending on the regular payment amount and the amount of interest accrued during the deferral period,
the deferred first payment may result in a negative amortization, i.e., the principal amount of the amount financed
may increase.  The actual number of days constituting the deferral period may vary slightly depending on the
months deferred.  The start date of the deferral period equals the contract interest (or finance charge) accrual start
date and not necessarily the contract date. Deferred payment program may not be available in all states.

*    Subject to credit review and approval other terms and conditions, including but not limited to those stated above.  All financing is in Manitowoc Finance’s sole discretion. These materials are for informational purposes only. Nothing herein constitutes tax advice and customers should be advised to consult with their tax advisors prior to electing specific rates or options. This rate sheet is intended for the use of the customer only. This rate sheet if valid for period hereof and shall automatically be deemed null and void.

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